Aug 232014

My second week cycling in Germany was the picture postcard old castles overlooking the river.

South from Cologne I first came to Bonn where the UNESCO world heritage section starts, on to Remagen, Bad Breisig, Koblenz, St Goar, Ingelheim am Rhein, Mainz, Oppenheim, Gernsheim and to Hamm.

On the opposite side of the river was a ‘mothballed’ nuclear power plant.  Germany has shut down all her nuclear power plants, deciding that it’s not the future for them.  I sat there staying at this beautifully maintained grounds surrounding the reactor and four huge cooling towers thinking something is very wrong with the world.  Forget the money sunk into it, what the hell are you going to do with it now?  It is no doubt destined to be part of the countryside for an awful long time.

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  1. Germany is beautiful, as your photos show apart from that Nuclear plant! Looks like the weather is on your side too.

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