Apr 272015

I left Mendoza by the back door.  I did something I have a phobia against, I went back the way I came.  Mainly to avoid a climb up to 3,000m.

Heading south out of Mendoza, I picked up Ruta 7 which climbs to Uspallata via Potrerillos.  At Uspallata you can go west across to Chile.  It is the main link between Santiago in Chile and Mendoza in Argentina.

I went north following the Uspallata valley with a little detour to Leoncito National Park before continuing through Barreal to Calingasta.  I then headed east back to Ruta 40 at Talacasto (not a town….) before once more heading north to San Jose de Jachal.

Passing over into the adjacent valley I went through Guandacol and Villa Union before a more serious climb up to the Cuesta de Miranda.  The road here was closed due to it having fallen down the mountainside but with the help of the construction workers I got my bike through and headed down to Chilecito.

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