Who is DennersHQ?



I’m Iain Denley and the photo to the left is probably the best representation I have of DennersHQ.  Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously and has an easy going attitude.  That will be why I’m very hairy in the photo.  Shaving is so over-rated.

Welcome to my creative space, here I am unconstrained by the expectations, fears and worries of others.

I am attempting to create something in the world rather than just consume.  I hope you take away something that helps you create.

You will find a selection of the many photographs I have taken in various locations around the world along with my musings on life.  I travel because I am curious, my wanderlust comes from constantly requiring novelty and a searching for something or someone different.  It’s why I always prefer to go somewhere new, rather than revisit a place, though I wouldn’t even have scratched the surface, let alone understood a place.  Beware the traveller’s curse!

The purpose of it existing here is to arouse your interest and to show you some of the world outside of your window and maybe, just maybe, encourage you to see further than you have done before.

If you want to get in touch please feel free to email iain at dennershq (dot) com.

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