Aug 312014

During the last leg of my trip down the Rhine in Germany I stopped at Kehl to have a day off.  Strasbourg was a walk over the bridge into France.  I spent a day exploring the old city which is surrounded by a moat.  It’s very picturesque (apart from the station, mon dieu!).  Stick a glass jumper over a lovely old building……

For one reason or another I collate the photos into countries (something I’m increasingly thinking of not doing) hence why they are only appearing now.  Once I had reached Basel I turned east over the pedestrian bridge into France, saying auf wiedersehen to the Rhine.  It had become a constant part of my life so felt strange to be leaving it.

I was heading towards Montbeliard where I could pick up another Eurovelo cycle route and follow a different river for a bit!  I got introduced to the rolling hills of France immediately as it was all up and down, no flat.

I passed through Folgensbourg, Muespach, Feldbach, Seppois-le-Bas, Delle, Beaucourt, Dasle and around the bottom of MontBeliard.  It was here I joined up with Eurovelo 6 and the river Le Daubs.  It was a shortish ride to L’Isle-sur-le-Doubs before stopping for a few days off at Baume Les Dames.


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