Dec 222014

Photos from Rio Grande to the Argentine and Chilean border posts of San Sebastian and west to Porvenir.

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  1. Kitchen Man, your story is incredible and your words are truly inspiring! You’ve got one hell of an adventure going. Its insane, motivating and pretty amazing. Some wicked pictures too. I’m a fan!

  2. I feel your pain. We just did the same stretch. After Lago Fagnano it was brutal. Worse than the wiinds was the monotony of the landscape. The winds broke my Hilleberg tent. In the end we paid someone from the hosteria at the Chilean border to drive us to Porvenir.

    I recognise that bus shelter! My friend Benny slept there. He said it was freezing and it smelled terrible.

    We’re taking the bus to Bariloche where we’ll continue riding in the Lake District. Southern patagonia is beautiful by the Andes, but not those plains. I might come back in a year or two and have another bash by myself.


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