Oct 062014

I left France from St Jean Pied de Port and headed uphill over the Pyrenees.  It turns out it’s quite hilly in Spain.  The route has been a slightly strange mixture of deserted main roads due to a ‘new’ dual carriageway having been built next to the old main road and busy main roads where there is no alternative road.

I’ve managed to dig out some quieter roads but often there is little choice without a huge diversion and you can bet it’s going to be a hilly diversion too!  I’m mainly following the Camino de Santiago route which means I’ve used the walking path at times too.  It is a mixture of surfaces, some suitable for my bike, some not, it’s difficult to find out what it’s like without just taking it.

It might not have any cars on it but it has loads of walkers which are often more dangerous as for some reason they keep thinking you are going to cycle straight into them so keep moving about as you approach.

The route so far took me into Pamplona from France and then on to Estella, Los Arcos, Logrono, Najera, Belorado, Burgos and into Castrojeriz.

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  1. Hi Denners,

    True grit, inspiring reading.

    Best wishes mon amigo

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