Oct 232014

When I arrived in Leon it was the start of the interesting cycling again.  The previous days had been the flat plains which are brown, dry and well, pretty flat.  The Spain that you know!

The topography of Northern Spain is very hilly/mountainous on the sides/top and flat in the middle.  Leon was the start of the hilly bit on the West side.  The weather started to turn and get cold at night as well as damp.  Still I wasn’t often lucky with the days until I reached Santiago where it promptly decided to rain all the time.

My route wound its way on back roads from Leon to Astorga, Ponferrada (where Wiggins won the World Championship Individual Time Trial two weeks earlier!), Samos, Sarria, Palas de Rei, Arzua, O Pedrouza, Santiago de Compostela, Pedrouzos, Negreira, Comeira, Pereira, Bainas, Bermun and finally Cabo Tourinan.

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