Sep 292014

I left the Eurovelo 6  (European Cycle Route) near Digoin and headed South West through France.  This was the way I had been advised to go, across the Northern part of the Central Massif.  I was told it was miles more interesting if a tad hilly.  The scenery was great, it was definitely hilly but I found myself drifting in to bouts of loneliness as I hardly saw any cyclists, the locals didn’t speak English and there were few tourists around.

It was good to punch through that particular wall.  It reinforced why I want/need to learn Spanish to make it through South America.

The route I took was from Digoin to Saint Purcain sur Siole – Pontaumur – Maitreux – Saint Fereole – Lissac sur Couze – Cenac – Montagna sur Lede – Villeneuve sur Lot – Reaup Lisse – Mazerolles – Grenade sur L’Ardour – Arthez de Bearn – Musculdy – St Jean Pied de Port.

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