The End is Now

Hi and welcome to DennersHQ!

During 2014 I left the UK by bicycle and rode to Spain.  This was the warm up for a much more ambitious aim of riding from the very bottom of Argentina all the way to Alaska.

My thoughts on what the plan was before I left the UK are here, my thoughts and how I felt when I reached Spain are here.

I wrote about my hopes, fears and dreams here as well as why I did it here.

The plan on cycling the Americas is here.

The summary of the trip and why I stopped long before Alaska is here.

If you want to find out more about who I am, this page will help you.

I created this website originally as a means of displaying the photos I have taken on my travels around the world.  The photos you will see on here are just a small selection, but I hope to expand it over time.

I believe that inspiration doesn’t come from others but comes from within yourself, it is just awoken by what you see, read or do.  My aim therefore is simple, to be part of what you read and see and maybe, just maybe help you to see further than before.

Feel free to get in touch by email – iain at DennersHQ (dot) com or on Facebook or Twitter.




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