Sep 122013
Saigon Traffic

Serenity amidst speed

Saigon, Vietnam – 30th June 2009

I know it’s official name is now Ho Chi Minh City but Saigon is so much more evocative and anyway, the locals call it Saigon and that’ll do for me.

I don’t like to be in a rush, it stresses me out.  It’s why I look to plan things and go through potential scenarios in advance so as not to spend time worrying what might happen.  Problem with that is you don’t end up getting much done in the end and you spend a lot of time worrying about things that might not even happen, which kind of defeats the point in the end…..

Moving slowly when all around are in a rush is a useful skill, you need to zone out the background noise that isn’t relevant but still be able to pick up the useful parts and act on them. It not only reduces the stress levels but it also might just keep you safe.

It’s a bit like trying to cross the road in Saigon, you’ll never get across without getting splatted by a moped if you tried planning it out in advance.  Only way to do it is not to stop and think, just keep moving, it prevents indecision, allows others to see your path clearly and they then take the appropriate action.  It’s when you stop and think that they then don’t know what you are doing or what you are going to do next, it creates indecision in their mind and then it’s too late because there is a bus and bang you are on the deck.

Just keep moving forward or at the very least go left or right but don’t turn around and go back or the bus will get you.


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