Aug 202014
The Ride to Switzerland

I said I wasn’t going to go to Basel. It was pointless. I would be doing it for the sake of it sounding cool. There was another reason. I had been to that spot where France, Germany and Switzerland all meet before. It was 1992 and our last family holiday, mountain biking in the French […]

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Jul 302014
This is Paul

Paul is a very nice man. There are many like him. You just need to find them. I had never met Paul before. He invited me to stay in his apartment. Paul fed me, let me use his washing machine, his shower and a spare bed. In return he got my company and lasting gratitude. […]

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Jul 212014
Fear of Dark Spaces

I managed to leave on the day I had set a month previously, although just an arbitrary date it provided a focus to getting out of the front door. Part of the reason I waited so long in telling close friends and family what I was planning on doing was so the background noise it […]

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Jun 292014
Time to roll the furry dice

I can summarise what I’m about to embark on in a brief paragraph which bodes well for focusing on the objective, the explanation of why will take considerably longer! I am going to cycle from my front door in Watford to Spain, via The Netherlands, Germany and France, where I will base myself for a month or […]